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Windows validating parser software sax

Give them a corrupted file and you'll get an error message.

XML applications are just the same: they contain a parser which reads XML and identifies the function of each the pieces of the document, and it then makes that information available in memory to the rest of the program. As the component parts of the program are identified, a validating parser can compare them with the pattern laid down by the DTD or Schema, to check that they conform.

Other tasks, such as sorting, rearranging sections, getting from a link to its target, looking up information on one element to help process a later one, and the like, require accessing the document structure in complex orders and will be much faster with DOM than with multiple SAX passes.

XMLPartner 2.5 helps add the power of XML to Borland Delphi, C Builder, and Kylix projects through native, easy to use VCL and CLX components.

Supports the XML 1.0 Specification, SAX 1.0, DOM Level 1 Core and XML namespaces.

Because of the event-driven nature of SAX, processing documents is generally far faster than DOM-style parsers, so long as the processing can be done in a start-to-end pass.

Many tasks, such as indexing, conversion to other formats, very simple formatting, and the like, can be done that way.

As well as built-in parsers, there are also stand-alone parser-validators (see Bill Rayer’s tip), which read an XML file and tell you if they find an error (like missing angle-brackets or quotes, or misplaced markup).

This is essential for testing files in isolation before doing something else with them, especially if they have been created by hand without an XML editor, or by an API which may be too deeply embedded elsewhere to allow easy testing.

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Allows to set a locator function to the validation context, which will be used to provide file and line information since those are not provided as part of the SAX validation flow Setting @f to NULL disable the locator.