Who is mischa barton dating

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Who is mischa barton dating

Mischa Barton got not just one but 2 restraining orders against 2 former boyfriends ...

one or both of whom she believes is peddling a sex tape.

“COURT VICTORY today with Mischa Barton,” Bloom tweeted later on Monday, with a photo of herself and Barton smiling outside of the courthouse.

“Distribution of the explicit images banned, ex stays 100 yards away forever.” “Today we have won an important agreement, which permanently blocks the dissemination of these images,” Bloom said in a statement to People.

Expert explains protocol for revenge porn vics like Mischa Barton The actress best known for playing Marissa Cooper on “The O.

C.” said she later dated a man named Adam Shaw, 39, who told her his onetime pal, Zacharias “was bragging about having the intimate photos and videos,” according to a statement filed Tuesday in Los Angeles.

She goes on to say she broke up with Jon after she learned he was only interested in her because she was a celebrity.

The ex-boyfriend who allegedly recorded her during sex and in the shower without her consent was a no-show in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Both sides agreed to return June 5 for a mini bench trial over whether the orders should become permanent.

And the court will retain jurisdiction over the case in case we need further enforcement.” “I am proud to declare victory for Mischa,” the statement continues.

“She did this not just for herself, but for all women and girls. The choice is hers and hers alone.” In court papers, Barton alleged that Zacharias recorded the former couple while they were having sex, as well as took photos of her while she was nude, without her knowledge.

C.” actress fired back by filing a lawsuit against Jon Zacharias, her ex-boyfriend and one of the alleged peddlers of the tape.

On Monday, Barton and Bloom appeared in Los Angeles Superior Court and reached a settlement, under which Zacharias agreed not to distribute any of the images and to turn them over to Barton, according to CBS Los Angeles.

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Mischa Barton feels 'very conned' over sex tape drama Barton's lawyer Lisa Bloom said she's confident they'll have a "big victory" in June. She has a right to control images of her own body," Bloom said after the hearing.

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