Validating forms with perl

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Validating forms with perl

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Does anyone know the above module and what it's inputs mean? I was expecting to give a more simple two dimensional input of X and Y values, then get back a vector...

One of the most frequent uses of Perl in my job is to validate web-based forms.

Here's some explanation and sample code to how I do that efficiently and effectively.

This maximizes code re-us across projects, saving time in the long run.

The heavy lifting for the form validation will be done by Data:: Form Validator. Data:: Form Validator helps with validating much more complicated cases as well.

03/01/2007 - Form Builder 3.0501 released An important update that fixes a memory leak affecting Catalyst users ( 3.0501 Release Notes ).

HI All, Is there a way to Validate the fields of a form?

There are many parties involved in the building and deployment of a software product (even if there's only one developer), and the entities that interact with the resulting system are even more, and often with diverse interests.

Among these entities there necessarily exists a complicated network of explicit and implicit trust relationships, which in all but the simplest situations is too difficult (often impossible) to analyze.

This means the form doesn't have to be submitted before the user is alerted of a problem.

For extra robustness you can also validate the submitted results in the perl script and return the user to the form with highlights on what is wrong/missing.

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