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This time, it's Ann who pushes Leslie to do something she's not comfortable with: online dating.

The friendship between Leslie and Ann is always a central part of the storytelling, but gone is Ann's naiveness, at least compared to what Leslie has for them this week, exploits-wise.

Meanwhile, Leslie invites Ben out to dinner, but he turns her down, leaving Leslie confused because she was sure Ben was attracted to her.

Ann, who is now dating multiple men after taking Donna's advice to be more adventurous, tells Leslie to join an online dating website called Hoosier and sets up a profile for her.

His creation of the claymation movie “Requiem for a Tuesday” and the board game “Cones of Dunshire” prove his talents go behind just crunching numbers and organizing spreadsheets. Ron Swanson (or Duke Silver to those of us in the know) makes all other men look like rich women on diets.

His woodworking skills means he’s good with his hands, and his love of meat and Lagavulin 16-year-old whiskey means he’s no frills.

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Mike Maxim, chief technology officer at Ok Cupid, says the company is always making minor improvements to its algorithm to make the service better.