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Take a look at the majority of pictures on the senior dating sites.Does everyone over 50 have to upload a bad cell-phone camera pic?

You might know yourself by now in a way you didn’t when you were 30-something—but how to distill the decades into a neat paragraph?One of the older dating blogs in existence (circa 2002), Online Dating Insider discusses why dating sites fail or flourish, interviews some of the top dating company movers and shakers, and offers personalized advice and information for dating business owners that can't be found elsewhere.More » As the title suggests, this dating blog focuses entirely on helping geeks find their dream woman, with the help of online dating pros 'e' and assistant 'j', who are very female, very geeky, and very friendly.More » Evan Marc Katz, author of "I Can't Believe I'm Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Internet Dating" (Buy Direct), and "Why You're Still Single" (Buy Direct) has one of the best dating blogs going right now.Katz avoids the mainstream dating press releases, instead focusing on providing advice to his readers on a myriad of dating and relationship topics.

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  1. Imagine how long it would take you to find out personal details of everyone down at the pub or club : ) We have now made available further information to help members get the best opportunity for contact.