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That's what I'd expect from a meal in a garage in Hobart, Tasmania.

And Westend Pumphouse's concrete floor and corrugated plastic roof do little to dispel the notion.

There are different laws in each state about how old you have to be before you can have sex.

You could be charged if you have sex with someone who is outside the legal age of consent.

So, I'm surprised when Mary Mc Neill scans the menu and a plate of roast swede with leek broth and kale arrives. A former chef who has worked in Melbourne and New York, she's been like a proud mum as we've sipped local cider as crisp as cava and tasted the cheese of a farmer who has 18 cows and a shipping container for a dairy.

(Very Tasmanian, that, Mary says: “We love our small producers in Tassie.”) Hobart gastronomy was once so limited Mary says she couldn't wait to leave. Sometimes I can't believe the quality.” And if that just sounds like local pride, consider this: when the Australian government staged a multimillion-dollar event to showcase Australian cuisine last year, it chose the Tasmanian capital as the venue.

you're probably more likely to see your cousin on Tinder than not," she told Tahlea Aualiitia on 936 ABC Hobart."In Tasmania it was common to come across people who you knew off Tinder." Promoted as a dating and social connection service, for many people the perception is Tinder is all about casual sex.

While sex was a motivating factor for many of the users, particularly males, Ms Newett found it did not always go how they would have liked."The men found that they joined Tinder with the hopes of casual sex but that didn't play out," she said."And most weren't that happy about it and they said that they felt it was very superficial and they didn't like having to be superficial when they were finding women.

Lyndsay Newett is a Ph D candidate at the University of Tasmania and she surveyed 203 Tinder users and interviewed 11 people aged 18 to 30 to explore how they used and viewed the app."I think swiping in Tassie ...

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It is a crime to have sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 17.

But you might have a defence if you are a similar age and both of you consent.

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While the men in Ms Newett's study were not totally satisfied, the women she spoke to were having a better time."One of [the women] who was 30, she said that Tinder was so good because it actually allowed her to go out and get laid," Ms Newett said."[Another woman] thought it was a lot more classy than going to a bar and getting drunk and hooking up because ...

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