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Does updating your iphone delete data

my problem is weather or not it'll let 3rd party app data stay there. now i know that i can just backup and restore, and that it'll let all my apps back on.

my problem is weather or not it'll let 3rd party app data stay there.

All information including contacts, calendars, apps and music are stored in i Phone backups or your i Tunes library and are not affected by i OS firmware updates.

Restoring your i Phone as a new device will wipe all settings, but the contacts can still be restored from your i Tunes backup.

Reports vary, but on an i Pad 3, for example, you need at least 5.8  GB of free space.

The update will not happen if you have less than that.

HI, I currently want to update my i Phone 5s to ios 8 but will it delete my call logs, messages, facetime history and calendar events?

Ps sorry if the question is not in the right category. If you do your update by connecting to computer then just click update when itunes asks you, you don't have to delete ANYTHING. Or you can use a 3rd party software like this i Phone file manager to copy the files from your i Phone to computer for backup.

All you have to do is connect your phone to your computer and make sure you have the latest version of i Tunes.

you see, i have around 2GB data in a 3rd party downloading app, and i would really not like to lose it.

As deleting the app normally wipes all the data stored in it, i got suspicious when i was updating and chose not to update.

Once you're connected, you should be prompted to update your software.

If not, just go to "Setting" on your i Phone and find your software update in "General." Done and done.

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so, would updating to i OS make me lose this data, or would it be stored in the backup of my i Phone and put back on it after the installation?

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