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Pristine beaches ripe for dumping your cooler of cheap lager!

), but it also boasts plenty to do now that you're an adult and attempting to impress someone not wearing an airbrushed tank.

Are you looking for a great holiday destination but want to get away from everything and everyone at home?

Do you really need a break but your usual travelling companion is tied up?

An additional sign that you should take a break from dating is that your dates are all blending into one.

In fact, if you can’t seem to distinguish between the people you’ve met IRL because of the sheer volume, you should do yourself a favor by taking a bit of a dating reprieve.

And while dating apps and sites can make it far easier for you to go out with many different people, you should recognize that if every date becomes a monotonous and tedious encounter where you find yourself having the same types of conversations over and over again, you’re not giving your dates—or yourself—a real chance to make a meaningful connection and bond.

With this in mind, taking a break from dating will allow you to reboot, refresh and refocus on what’s important to you in another person, rather than having each date become an instant replay of the last.

We have teamed up with some of the leading singles holidays specialists, to provide holidays and short breaks for singles like you to some very exciting destinations worldwide from local departure points all over the UK.

At a certain point in every relationship, dollar pizza date nights just don't cut it anymore.

You've got to step up your game, and what better way to do that than get the hell out of town?

The larger group will be divided into smaller teams, and you will be tasked with an obstacle race, that will include building and paddling a raft (the paddling part will be optional – not all team members need partake in that aspect) This is a light-hearted, fun activity that will set the tone and spirit for the rest of the day.

Coasteering is the first option for Saturday afternoon. This is a thrilling hybrid activity that involves a bit of rock scrambling, a bit of cliff jumping and a bit of adventure swimming.

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