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A Super Adjustable at "9" is like a Fatboy at "12" or "13" (if there was such a thing).This is true for all of the Gillette Adjustable models.Blade Exposure Adjustablility: Gillette knew early on that a method was needed to customize the user's shave to meet the needs of individuals.Because of individual differences in whisker thickness and facial skin types, one size fits all did not work well to capture a broad base of consumers with a single product.

I have shaved with a Super Speed from 1954 and another from 1960 and I could detect a definite difference, with the ’54 being noticably smoother. You can see a list of codes, along with some other notes and information, HERE.Blade Loading Mechanism: As early as the mid 1930's Gillette was toying with the idea of a quick opening mechanism.By providing an innovative product, not only could Gillette increase customer satisfaction, but they could protect their markets though proprietary intellectual property.) agreed that it’s engineering probably peaked around 1955 (some extend that to about 1960).After that I think engineers began to “over tweak” the design and the accountants began to get more involved in the production process.

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Schick Krona Though Schick was mainly known for their Injector razor, they also produced a DE razor from 1959 through 1965, the Krona.

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