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(Norway claims a distant second place, with 25 percent of its citizens in that age group as college graduates.)But among younger groups, the US lead has disappeared.

In 2010 Americans between 25 and 34 had a college graduation rate of 33 percent, a mere one percentage point increase over the older generation.

Overall, these data suggest that individuals who graduate college around the same time but at different ages are currently faring equally well in terms of personal income.

The baby boomers, born in the decades immediately following World War II, pursued higher education in large numbers.

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In the middle decades of the twentieth century, the United States experienced a meteoric rise in the rate of people earning four-year college degrees, as it soared from 6 percent of 25- to 29-year-olds in 1947 to 24 percent in 1977.

This may suggest that nontraditional graduates are "paying" for delaying their education because, all things being equal, older individuals would expect to out-earn their younger counterparts, not tie with them.

But, of course, all things are not equal -- and it is likely that many of these nontraditional graduates, had they not gone back to college, would be earning much less than traditional college graduates.

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