Are kelly rowland and 50 cent dating best online dating sites serious relationships

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Are kelly rowland and 50 cent dating

Eh, probably not, but it's kind of amazing to imagine.While there's no word yet on whether 50 Cent decided to ask out his celebrity crush, he's been a busy guy.

“He just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear,” said Fox on Bravo’s .Now, there's two stars that fans can't stop, won't stop shipping. The Oscar-winning producer, 41, quite literally fanned the flames of romance rumors when 50 Cent posted a flirty photo of the two celebrities on Instagram.Could this relationship blossom into the real deal?'" PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity feuds "It's like if you're in an elevator and you're attacked, you can't do nothing,” he added, taking a cheeky dig at Jay Z, after his elevator brawl with Solange Knowles. Moving swiftly on, Cohen asked the rapper what sex with Kim Kardashian was like."I never....," 50 Cent replied, insisting reports of a hookup were false.

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host Andy Cohen invited him to play Plead the Fifth on the Wednesday, June 18 episode of his show.

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